The Ministerial Council for Volunteers was established to acknowledge the voice of volunteers and their vital contribution to health and happiness in Victoria.Members of the Council were appointed on the basis of their personal experience or expertise in volunteering. Members reflect the diversity of volunteers in Victoria, including emergency services, health, sport, disability, arts and culture, conservation, youth, ageing, diversity, education and the community services sector. The Council will advise government on how best to support and strengthen the volunteer sector and oversee a broader program of volunteer recognition.

The Council has already outlined its initial, high-level recommendations for strengthening the sector spanning four key areas: repositioning and valuing, leadership, collaboration and technology.

Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers Gabrielle Williams chairs the Council, which meets quarterly.

In late 2016 the Council conducted a survey to seek the views of those who lead or coordinate volunteers. The purpose of the survey was to inform the Council's views on strengthening and supporting volunteer leadership in Victoria. Read more about the Leadership in Volunteering Survey.