Volunteering Geelong recently hosted a graduation event on 3 August at their Geelong premises. The event celebrated 14 Graduates from 12 community organisations in the region completing an intensive EMERGE Leadership Pilot Program. The program ran over 3 weeks and focused on building their leadership skills in the community sector.

The program was sponsored by the Geelong Community Foundation and the Barwon Health Foundation and was facilitated by Renewed Careers Group.

Participants in the program came from Norlane Community Centre, Cloverdale Community Centre, AMCS, Barwon Health, Humans in Geelong, Red Cross, Cherished Pets, Salvation Army, Peace of Mind, Tourism Geelong, Lara Community Centre and National Wool Museum.

The program focused on creating awareness of leadership trends, challenges and recognised practices, ensuring new skillsets were understood and engrained for continued everyday use, through support and mentoring. Sessions were tailored to participants’ needs and skillsets.

Graduating EMERGE 2018 partipants.jpg

Emerge Graduates, facilitators and sponsors (Geelong Community Foundation and Barwon Health Foundation)

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