Geelong Volunteer Leaders Network

The Geelong Volunteer Leaders Network was set up to provide a forum for those with a common interest in volunteer management to communicate, share ideas and provide informal mentoring and support opportunities as required. Membership is free and if you would like to join the Network, please contact

2018 Meeting Dates and Times (Venue: Volunteering Geelong, 192 Myers St, Geelong)

  • Wednesday 7 March

  • Wednesday 2 May

  • Wednesday 4 July

  • Wednesday 5 September

  • Wednesday 7 November

All meetings commence at 9.30am till 11am approx.

Why Join The Network?

  • Support for new volunteer managers

  • Exchange of ideas on volunteer issues

  • Stimulating environment

  • Support for Volunteering Geelong as the public face of volunteering

  • Networking with other agencies

  • Practical up to date information

  • Lobby group with regional and state governments

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Relevant regional information

  • Professional expertise and backup

  • Managing on-going change

  • Up to date information on volunteer funding issues

  • Interpret government and funding trends

  • Exchange of written resources

  • Professional development workshops