• McKellar Centre (map)
  • 45- 95 Ballarat Road
  • North Geelong, VIC, 3215
  • Australia

Too often we are faced with the realities of violence in our society through our work, what we read, hear and view through the media. Violence and Aggression in society is a fact of life and requires recognition as a factor that may influence, or alter our personal lives and work environment.  Violence and Aggression in the work place has legal implications for any employer and requires management as we manage other aspects of our work.

Such behaviors could cause physical and/or psychological trauma to staff, volunteers and clients.


Learn the awareness to prevent harm from Intentional or Unintentional Violence & Aggression

MOVAIT- is considered by many the most comprehensive, practical and effective course available for addressing workplace Violence and Aggression.

This Introductory session gives an overview of the MOVAIT training and is being run and supported by Barwon Health. This session may also be followed with a more intensive follow up session pending on demand.

This program is for volunteers and volunteer coordinators.

You can enter through the Main Entrance of McKellar via boom gates. You will be issued a parking ticket which is used to exit out boom gates on way out. No fee will be charged. Enter via main reception and they will direct you to the MOVAIT area. 


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