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Sorry for inconvenience but Volunteering Geelong have had to cancel this workshop.

Do you know that from January 1 2017, new legislation applies to all organisations in Victoria working with children?

This includes:

  • Sport clubs
  • Support services
  • Neighbourhood/community houses
  • Youth groups
  • Playgroups, toy libraries,
  • Pre-schools

Child safety requires a whole of organisation commitment to, and responsibility for, the protection of children and a visible child safe culture. A two hour workshop is being held locally that will help support board members and volunteer leaders to become aware of what you need to do. The session will cover:

  •   Background to the new standards
  •  The new legislation and legal obligations for your organisation in accordance with the new child protection laws and a focus on the directors; 
  •  Mandatory and voluntary reporting obligations under the new criminal legislation; 
  • Penalties for non--‐compliance with the new laws, including personal and corporate liability; 
  •  Expectations from the regulators; 
  •  Practical tips to ensure compliance for your organisation and all Board members, including how to comply with the seven new child safety standards; and
  •  Introduction to the Guide for creating a child safe organisation and Moores’ Child Protection Toolkit.
  •  A detailed overview of the Child Safe Standards
  • Strategic ways in which community organisations can comply with the standards in an effective and practical way
  • Top tips for ensuring continuous improvement when it comes to child protection;
  • An overview of the case law on reporting concerns particularly as they relate to directors
  • Practical tips regarding reporting matters to the police and DHHS
  • Case Study Tips from an organisation with strategies already in place
  • How to ensure that children are being listened to and given a voice when it comes to their own safety.

This workshop being delivered by Our Community.

Where: Volunteering Geelong (St Mary's Terrace) 192 Myers St, Geelong

When: Tuesday 29 August, 10am - 12noon

Cost: $50 Volunteering Geelong Financial Members, $60 Non Financial Members

Sorry but this event has been cancelled